Garage Door Openers

We install and repair most garage door opener makes and models, including Liftmaster.

Garage door opener repair and installation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your convenience, Phoenician Garage Door Service carries a full line of parts, remotes, and garage door entry systems. Our garage door service crew provides fully equipped service trucks at all times, allowing them to make door opener repairs in a timely and friendly manner, right on the spot. If your existing garage door opener is past the point of repair, we can replace it with any make or model including a new Craftsman or Liftmaster garage door opener at your request. Here at Phoenician Garage Door Service, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with all of your garage door opener needs. With quality selections of garage door openers, you can be assured that our Garage Door Service Crew can provide you with the garage door products that your garage needs.

Here at Phoenician Garage Door and Repair, we carry a variety of garage door opener products, ranging from belt drive openers, chain drive operators and jackshaft openers. Call now for more information on our garage door opener products and services! We are always available to take your call and answer any and all questions you may have about repairing your garage door opener.`



Types of Garage Door Openers

Chain-Driven Openers

While a chain-driven opener may be noisy, it is tremendously powerful and will open any size garage door with ease. They’re also a fiscally economical option.

Belt-Driven Openers

Belt-driven openers aren’t as economical as chain-driven openers, but they’re much quieter, and often come with a better warranty than a chain-driven opener.


which type of opener is better?

Choosing a garage door opener will depend on the needs of your unique situation. The opener you choose if you want your garage door to be fast is different than a situation in which a garage door opener needs to be strong. As garage door specialists, we can help you choose a garage door opener to best meet your needs.