Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool

Post-Labor Day temperatures are in the triple digits! A garage tends to hold onto heat, often making it even hotter than the outside temperature. But there’s no reason for the garage to feel like an oven, especially with the technology available today, even if the homeowner only wants to use the garage to park the car. Here are some effective methods of keeping a garage cooler

Garage door insulation


Garage door insulation can reduce energy bills, absorb street noise, and control humidity. Batt insulation, foam board insulation, and reflective insulation are the most popular types of insulation. You may also want to consider insulating the walls and ceiling – especially if there are living quarters directly adjacent to or above the garage. Insulation should be installed to a certain depth to obtain the required R-value for Arizona.

Add an evaporative cooler

An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is a cost-effective way to cool your garage. Available in a variety of designs and capacities, evaporative coolers are portable, meaning they can easily be moved around the garage. Industrial strength swamp coolers can also be found either online or at local retailers. Ductwork must be mounted in a window or placed in a wall opening. An alternative is to use an exhaust fan or a small window air conditioner.

Add weatherstripping

Weatherstripping will keep the garage sealed and make it less prone to fluctuations in temperature. It will also keep out dirt, debris, and vermin. By combining it with good garage insulation and threshold seals, it will keep the garage cooler. Install self-adhesive weatherstripping between each panel and threshold seals on the bottom of the garage door. These materials can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Reflective colors

If you’ve been considering a new garage door, the color is an essential factor to consider, especially if your home faces south. Lighter colored doors will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your garage cooler than darker colored doors. White, French gray, and other light colors are best. Installing a new garage door has the added benefit of a 98.3% return on investment (ROI) should you ever decide to sell your home.

Keep it clean

Is your garage so cluttered that your car won’t fit? Sort your belongings into three categories: trash, donate/sell, and keep. Install space-saving storage systems such as overhead racks, shelving units, and pegboards for everything in the “keep” category. Put away your fall, winter and spring gear, and bring your summer toys to the forefront. A tidy garage will allow you to park the car and cool the garage.

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